The ball is round: a global history of football - Um livro de David Goldblatt


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ISBN 0141015829

The ball is round

a global history of football



Nova Iorque


Penguin UK


‘The Ball is Round’ is the definitive history of how humanity has played, watched and followed football around the world, from its beginnings as a chaotic folk ritual to its preeminent position in the global entertainment industry.


Foreword to the American Edition, IX

Introduction: life and death, love and money, XIII

Part One – Ancients and moderns: football and the invention of Modern Sport, from the Beginning to 1914

1 Chasing shadows: the prehistory of football, 3

2 The simplest game: Britain and the invention of Modern Football, 19

3 An altogether more splendid life: industrial football and working-class Britain, 1888-1914, 50

Part Two – The people`s game: football, empire and industry 1870-1934

4 Perfidious albion: the resistible rise of global football, 85

5 The great game and the informal empire: the international spread of football, 1870-1914, 112

6 Pay up, pay up and play the game: the commercialization of global football, 1914-1934, 171

7 The rules of the game: International Football and International Politics, 1900-1934, 227

Part Three – The beautiful game: football`s short Twentieth Century, 1934-1974

8 The road to El Dorado: Latin American Football, 1935-1954, 263

9 Games of life, games of death: European Football in war and peace, 1934-1954, 297

10 Demons and angels: Latin American Football, 1955-1974, 357

11 The glamour and the glory: high industrial football in Europe, 1955-1974, 196

12 We can show them who is really superior: football in Africa, 1900-1974, 479

Part Four – Things fall apart: football after the long boom, 1974-1990

13 The World turned upside down: João Havelange, FIFA and the transformation of global football, 513

14 If this football, let it die: the European crisis, 1974-1990, 542

15 Military maneuvers: football under the Latin American generals, 1974-1990, 606

16 Football and the belly: Africa, 1974-1990, 649

Part Five: the only game: football and the end of history, 1990-2006

17 Football through the looking-glass: Europe, 1990-2006, 681

18 The crisis will be televised: football in the Americas, 1990-2006, 774

19 Accelerated development: football and Asia`s new industrial revolution, 830

20 Small mercies: football in Africa after the Cold War, 1990-2006, 874

Conclusion: the game at the end the world, 900

Notes, 908

Bibliography, 922

Acknowledgements, 930

Index, 933

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