Zanetti Story - Um filme de Simone Scafidi e Carlo A. Sigon


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Zanetti Story

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80 min.


Enormous films


Itália, Argentina

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Javier Zanetti is one of the last legends of world football. In 1995, still a boy, leaves his Buenos Aires to go to play in Europe, in Inter Milan. Quickly he became the favorite one of Inter's supporters, and while the years pass, while many great players arrive at Inter without winning anything, he trains and fights every day with the same force as of the beginning. Until, at the age of 40, he wins what no other captain has ever won in the all history of Inter. The story of Javier Zanetti is told through the voices of teammates, coaches, journalists and personalities from the world of entertainment. And most importantly, by the great Argentine writer Albino Guaron, who has dedicated his last novel to Zanetti.

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